Andrei Volokitin chess player - ajedrez blanco y negro
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Andrei Volokitin chess player

Andrei Volokitin chess player

Andrei Volokitin, Ukrainian chess player

Andrei Volokitin nos dedica unas palabras como bienvenida al torneo de ajedrez que organizamos junto con la asociación “voluntarios por Ucrania”. Este es el enlace al torneo. Torneo de ajedrez escolar para alumnos a partir de 6 años.

Text in english

We’ve had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Ukrainian chess player Andrei Volokitin (Lviv 1986), a professional chess player. He has previously been the champion of Ukraine in chess (in 2004 and again in 2015), Olympic chess champion with the Ukrainian team (Calviá 2004), the best under-18 player in the world (Lausanne 2005), and has a long list of notable triumphs. Maybe San Sebastián chess tournament (January 2012) was the best result in Spain. Currently, he plays in the Bundesliga and in certain professional tournaments throughout the year.

His father plays chess; he is an intermediate rated player. Moreover, we have seen him play at least at the level of a 1900 ELO player. Under the guidance of Vladimir Grabinsky, his first coach, he attained the grandmaster title at a remarkably young age (15 y.o.). They are co-authors of the book “Perfect Your Chess” (2007).

Andrei Volokitin in Spain

We had the pleasure of having Andrei Volokitin a couple of times at our chess club, here in Madrid. He has also played twice the Loyola Chess Festival, were we have also our summer camp. Needles to say, obviously he won almost all the games. I remember how he would beat us in rapid games even with the black pieces after giving us a three-move handicap. This was in the years from 2005 to 2010, possibly the highlight of his career. Despite that, it was in 2013 when he achieved the peak ranking at 2725 ELO. It was so much fun to analyze the game against Hikaru Nakamura in which the white attempted to win with an attack similar to the three-move check mate. You have to see the game because it’s very entertaining.

Finally, Andrei dedicates a few words to us as a welcome to the chess tournament we are organizing along with the “Volunteers for Ukraine” association. You are invited to sign up for this tournament!


Some words of Andrei Volokitin to introduce the tournament


Hi everyone,


I am Ukrainian GM Andrei Volokitin. We would like to welcome you to the “Volunteers for Ukraine” chess tournament. I am glad that such a wonderful event is taking place in Madrid and I feel extremely grateful to the organizers and all the participants for supporting Ukraine in such a difficult time. I think that chess can unite people all over the world, and for me chess has become my profession and the passion of my life.

The most succesful year for me was 2004, when I was young. That year I won the Ukrainian championship for the first time and become the winner of the Chess Olympiad. I remember that time with warmth in my heart; then Ukraine was a peaceful country, and I hope that there will be peace again.


My best regards,



Hopefully peace and the sun will shine again, they are only behind the clouds.

Pavel Elianov and Andrei Volokitin playing Spanish championship in Mérida. Despite boasting a formidable team, they failed to clinch victory in the Spanish Chess Championship. Thus having in the team players of such a good level as Illescas, Sokolov and Karjaking among others.

Jose Fayos, Pavel Elianov y Andrei Volokitin en el torneo de ajedrez del campeonato de España en Mérida

Torneo de ajedrez en Madrid "voluntarios por Ucrania". Club de ajedrez blanco y negro.


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